Monday, October 06, 2008

Piepoli tests positive

In a delayed round of testing samples from the 2008 Tour de France, three-stage Lanterne Rouge (2005) Leonardo Piepoli tested positive for EPO in two different samples.

Never let it be said that the guys at the rear of the peloton are any different than the guys riding up front.


Three-time Lanterne Rouge Wim Vansevenant retires

The Eernegem criterium was the final race in the 14-year career of Wim Vansevenant, who will go down in history not only as a top domestique but also as the distinguished three-time finisher in the Lanterne Rouge position of the Tour de France in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Vansevenant raced his last six seasons with the Lotto team, notably defending the Tour de France podium position of team leader Cadel Evans.

Cyclingnews reported, "The Belgian realized that his Tour de France performances gave his popularity a major boost. "I'm proud that I've written a little bit of history with that Lanterne Rouge. It will always be linked to my name and I hope that I inspired other riders, just like the seven Tour de France victories from Lance Armstrong," Vansevenant said."

Cadel Evans attended to honor his teammate and quipped, "First of all I want to say sorry to 'Sevi' that we couldn't complete the double in the Tour de France this year. The plan was to be Lanterne Rouge in the Tour de France and yellow jersey in Paris and I let him down. Beyond that, I value every rider who contributes to the team whether that's with results or with the work they do for the team. Wim is one of the riders who you always want to have in your team, in every race you do. He's a real team player in every sense of the word and he's only going to be missed in that way."

A photo gallery of the day's festivities is here.

Best wishes to you in your future career in agriculture, Wim!

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