Monday, July 05, 2010

Stage 2: Synchronized Skating to Spa

Today's stage was a crashfest on slick descents. When Lance Armstrong says "There was NO WAY to stay on your bike" that means there were probably fairly unfavorable conditions.

Andreas Klier of Cervelo finished in the autobus at 19:03 after the stage winner and an unusual rider-neutralized finish to become the new Lanterne Rouge.

The translated injury report for the day is impressive:

Lance Armstrong: bruising and bruising to his elbow and thigh.
Alberto Contador: abrasions and bruises on the right flank.
Andy Schleck: hit to leg and arm after tough tumble.
Frank Schleck: injuries to the arm and leg.
Roman Kreuziger: cases, injuries unknown.
Robert Gesink: folded back on smooth pavement, ulna fracture
Jurgen Van den Broeck: pain in finger and wrist. No fractures.
Kevin Seeldraeyers: complained about everything and anything.Further participation is not compromised.
Bradley Wiggins: abrasions on legs and arms.
Tyler Farrar: bulged to 19 minutes of Winner Chavanel inside. Grabbed the back, immediately transferred to hospital for further investigations, where an elbow fracture was found.
Christian Vande Velde: hapless leader Garmin. Also to hospital.
Mickaël Delage: problem after zygomatic fractures, wrist and collarbone.
Julian Dean: also to hospital
Alessandro Petacchi: hit on the wrist
Paolo Tiralongo:
knee pain
Vasyl Kiryienka: heavy bruising
Egoi Martinez: many bruises
Niki Terpstra injuries to right arm.
Robbie McEwen: gaping wound in the elbow should be attached.
Vladimir Karpets: to hospital
David Zabriskie: knee pain after fall
Remy Di Gregorio: knee pain after fall

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Bring back the old TdF theme music on VS!
Crazy stage!
Great watching though! Im new to cycling so expecting plenty of falls..check out my blog and see just how new I am!
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