Thursday, July 12, 2012

American Tour de France Lanterne Rouge History

A bit of history was made today as Tyler Farrar became the first American in recent memory to hold the Lanterne Rouge of the Tour de France. There has never been an American Lanterne Rouge at the end of the Tour, in Paris. At this writing I'm not sure if there has ever been an American in last place in the General Classification after a Tour de France stage, although Americans have been final finishers in stages (Dave Zabriskie, Stage 8, 2005).

Can any Tour statisticians help us here? There are online historical archives at but I haven't been able to pour through them.

I've heard that Bob Roll was once TdF Lanterne Rouge but I don't believe it's true, although he may have been a final stage finisher and came close to being overall Lanterne Rouge a few times: 200th/206 in Stage 1, 1987; 189th/190 in Stage 10, 1988; 194th/197 in Stage 4, 1990.   See all USA participations here:

All stages of the Tour de France 2013 on individual maps:

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