Saturday, July 02, 2005

The start: 2005

I did some math after a recent 20-odd mile bike ride and realized how sadly we mere mortals measure up to the Tour de France riders. I pushed hard and was able to maintain a whopping 16.0 mph average.

If I had ridden the 19km time trial in the Tour de France yesterday at that pace I would have finished in 44:12. That would be 18:41 behind the slowest finisher, Leonardo Piepoli of Italy on the Saunier Duval team, who finished in 25:31. Even he was 50 seconds behind the next slowest finisher. I'm going to be watching for Leonardo during the Tour. He's my man. :-)

The traditional name for the last man in the Tour de France is "Lanterne Rouge". I have often been the person "DFL" (dead ... last) in a race. Please understand that I showcase these riders with the greatest possible respect and admiration.

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I love your blog! I've watched the TDF since before Armstrong was winning every year, and it is the single greatest sporting event there is! The first stage TT just boggles my mine how these guys can go so fast. I've never done any racing, I just tool around on my ten speed, maybe sometimes daydreaming about TDF. Ironically, I had just done a 19k ride the day of stage 1, and it took me around 45 minutes, averaging around 15.5 MPH. To think that these guys are doubling that speed just amazes me.
Thank you!!!! :-)
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