Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stage 16: Tossed like a salad

It was a busy day.

We're down to 147 riders in the 2006 Tour de France.

Here are the abandonments on the toughest stage this year: David Kopp, German rider for Gerolsteiner (9th in the sprinters' green jersey competition); Daniele Bennati, Italian rider for Lampre-Fondital (3rd in the sprinters' green jersey competition); Steve De Jonge, Dutch rider for Quick Step - Innergetic (131st place overall); Sébastien Joly, French rider for Francaise de Jeux (52nd place overall, not last like Paul Sherwen said today); Maxim Iglinskiy, Kazakh rider for Milram (8th in the young rider competition).

The final ten riders in the standings are looking a lot different than they did just a few days ago, like everywhere else in the standings.

138 158 MENGIN Christophe FDJ FRA 2h 43' 07"
139 165 CARLSTRÖM Kjell LIQ FIN 2h 43' 40"
140 193 COUTOULY Cédric AGR FRA 2h 45' 51"
141 105 POZZATO Filippo QSI ITA 2h 45' 59"
142 048 WROLICH Peter GST AUT 2h 46' 11"
143 132 AUGE Stéphane COF FRA 2h 52' 55"
144 124 HERNANDEZ Aitor EUS ESP 2h 57' 46"
145 133 CASPER Jimmy COF FRA 3h 01' 43"
146 067 STEEGMANS Gert DVL BEL 3h 04' 50"
147 068 VANSEVENANT Wim DVL BEL 3h 05' 31"

So Wim stays in the Lanterne Rouge position for the third day.

I'm intrigued by the notion that Jimmy Casper is only a mere 4 minutes away from being Lanterne Rouge for the entire Tour for the third year. Has anyone seen any (translated) interviews with him? (According to Dave Zabriskie, Jimmy doesn't speak a word of English). I'd love to know his thoughts on this.

Paul and Phil have been making LOTS of mistakes this year - confusing Levi & Landis, Freire and Pierero... little things like that. Apparently, if they have to focus on more than one person, they get confused! ;-)
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