Monday, February 19, 2007

Tour of California disapointment

Sigh. I guess it was too much to hope for, a grand Tour within the United States.

How about maybe some live coverage so that we don't have to wait up until eleven to see the stage finish on a weeknight here on the east coast?

Or at least a live web feed?

Or maybe even results online within an hour after the stage finishes?

Throw us a bone here, organizers!

Mostly I'm really disappointed that my personal favorite pro rider, Dave Zabriskie of CSC, crashed out today. I hope he's not badly hurt. I'll continue to watch the TofC and hope that another of my favorites, Ivan Basso of Discovery, does well, but he's probably going to be keeping a very low profile riding in support of Levi Leipheimer.

Oh well.

Update (Tuesday): The Amgen site seems to be working today, hurrah! And it is pretty slick, I'll grant that. Though it should have been working two days ago already. And I still can't understand why the officials gave Levi the gift of the leader's jersey yesterday after the crash 10K back from the finish line.

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