Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The autobus

This article in Cyclingnews.com discusses how the groups of riders form towards the rear in the long mountain stages, and how a group of riders that arrives at the finish line after the official time cutoff can get away with it without being eliminated from the Tour.

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OK, I gotta admit that I'm confused. As the article says, the math works out to 43'29" allowable gap from the stage winner. The time gaps of the two autobus groups are 31'51" and 35'45". Both times are comfortably under 43'29". Yet the article's author asks "did the judges kick out all 63 riders?". Well duh, of course not!

Clearly there was a desire to write about those at the other end of the standings and one of life's little "complications" back there (i.e., the time limit). Getting all the details right was, well, secondary to the author's desired end.

sigh. Some people point out grammar errors. Some of us get riled up by math blunders. It's a curse.
Yes, you're absolutely correct! I was even reading the numbers backwards. :-(

I've been looking for a table of the official cutoffs online for the 2007 Tour and can't find them, only the information for the 2006 cutoffs which doesn't help much.

Anyone have them??
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