Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pez Unsung Heroes

A nice tribute from the year-end wrapup over at Pez:

"From Charles Manantan - My man of the year is the collective of cyclists that don't earn six figures... I've had enough of the top guys claiming heroics and claiming to be clean while not offering a blood sample... I've had enough of guys who suddenly become grand tour stars and also happen to have questionable doctors. Here's to the guys who have to live in terror knowing that they and their families could be left hungry because a team leader lands them in such hot water that their paycheck pulls the plug. Here's to the men that carry not only the bottles but the burden of fear that the sport will leave them and they don't have a few hundred grand to coast on till the next big pick up."

The rest of the piece is well worth reading as well.

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