Monday, July 14, 2008

Tribute to Maggie

Over at Cycling Fans Anonymous in the July 12 entry, there was a wonderful tribute to Magnus Backstedt (be sure to follow the link to the photo), in contrast to the dopers who have disappointed us:

"Magnus Backstedt was caught by photographer Patrick Hertzog in an indelible portrait of agony, after sadly missing the time cut due to illness and exhaustion in yesterday's stage. Note the poignancy of the phantom hand of the spectator above him, attempting to keep him from falling. Something about this picture encapsulates the Tour for me. The epic scale of the human struggle, and the warmth of the true fans towards the deserving riders, whose great sacrifice is well acknowledged and honored. For every doper who sadly disappoints us, there is another valiant and clean rider whose courage and dignity even in the face of the bitterest defeat cannot be forgotten or overlooked."


bicycling must be reading you:
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