Thursday, January 08, 2009

Piepoli's regrets

Former 3-stage Lanterne Rouge, Leonardo Piepoli, has expressed his regrets at his "unconscionable" doping at the Tour de France, and calls it "one time in a career full of sacrifices".

I suppose that he answered the "WHAT WAS HE THINKING!?!??" questions as well as any of them. He didn't include the part about "I thought they couldn't detect it", though. At least he 'fessed up after being caught. Although I, like many, have lost all patience with any rationales whatsoever, particularly those bleeding with self-pity.

Did you personally apologize to the clean cyclist who finished behind you, whom you robbed of his chance for the glory of a Tour de France stage win, Mr. Piepoli?

Just for the record, to give the other riders their due, here's the order of finishers (to be revised in the record books) that fateful day Piepoli won the stage. Would Cobo Acebo have beat Frank Schleck for the day without Piepoli's doping-assisted draft? I doubt it.

2008 Stage 10, Pau to Hautacam
1.PIEPOLI L. SDV 4h 19' 27"
2.COBO ACEBO J. SDV 00' 00"
3.SCHLECK F. CSC 00' 28"
4.KOHL B. GST 01' 06"5.

Cobo Acebo will probably go on record as the stage winner. But it should certainly be noted that Schleck has also come under suspicion, and Kohl doped. It goes on and on.

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