Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kenny crossing the line at Verbier

Heart-rending clip that makes me really wish that I spoke Dutch. But you don't need to in order to feel his pain. Final finisher Kenny Van Hummel averaged 22.11 mph on his mostly solo ride on today's 128.9-mi mountainous stage.

Another reaction to Kenny Robert Van Hummel's intrepid finish is at Podium Cafe. "... You know, Lance Armstrong's first professional race was the 1992 Clasica San Sebastian, where he finished dead last. Just sayin'."

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yeah, ugh.... cant understand what humel says in that vid but man he hurts... i got a picture of myself after 30 km running in the forest, i looked exactly like that
My husband points out, "Man, he's like the Eddy Merckx of Lanterne Rouge".

Go van Hummel!
Great quote! I may just steal that!!! Thanks!
Kenny's ride to Verbier is nothing short of epic.
I wish I could understand what he said at the very end of the clip that made everybody smile. I'm sure it's too much to hope that someone can translate it for us.

But no matter what, I LOVE this guy. I hope he makes it to Paris. He certainly seems to have suffered enough to deserve it.
Loved this.

quick translation:
- I was left behind after 15- no 10 km. Character..

- driven pure on character, my body would not work but I kept telling myself, damn you got to make that finish. Then my "koppakking"(?) came off and after that was fixed I could continue the race

"Did you think somewhere about giving up, Marijn told us something like that"

Yeah already after 10 km, but Marijn told me to fight. So I started to fight. After an while, my legs came back and i started cycling again. I suddenly could keep a good pace.

"You are there on time, tomorrow a rest again and tuesday you show up at the start"
Yes I will. Sorry about the language that i've been throwing around but i'm totally wrecked. (there were a few "damn's" in his anwers)
Thanks so much Jan! We could all see by his body language that he was completely exhausted!

I wonder if he dropped his chain? I did a search on "koppakking" and it came up with some images that looked like sealer rings from car engines!
Jan, you rule! Thank you SOOO much for the translation. Really appreciate it!
Kenny Robert Van Hummel is a hero!
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