Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3-time Tour de France Lanterne Rouge Vansevenant busted

Big news coming shortly before the 2011 Tour is that retired cyclist and 3-time Lanterne Rouge Wim Vansevenant has been arrested for receiving a shipment of high-end "ultra-modern" doping products from Australia.

His former long-term team, Omega Pharma Lotto, denies all knowledge. Wim claims that they were for personal use to shore up his apparently rapidly-aging body. He was scheduled to be a driver for VIP tours at the Tour de France but that gig was hastily canceled.

One wonders about the Australian connection on his former Belgian team - which could conceivably include Australian riders such as Cadel Evans, Robbie McEwen, and Adam Hansen.

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"For personal use".. Cyclists, ex and current, continue to insult our intelligence with child-like comments like that. Interesting that it came from Australia though. A country that typically thinks it's proverbial "doesn't stink" when it comes to dopage. Smart in one sense. I mean, who would be thinking that such producs would come from such a country. That's like ordering fertilisers on-line from an American company. Attempted reverse psychology perhaps?

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