Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stage ZZZzzzzZZzzzz

I forget where we are. I fell asleep. Stage 11, I think? Same old thing.

Here's our Lanterne Rouge Kenny Robert Van Hummel today, before he made it over the line in 15th position, right before Tom Boonen. There were 170 finishers today after Kurt Asle Arveson didn't start with a broken clavicle. Only 5.5% attrition so far - that will soon increase in the Alps.

Sorry, sprinters, I wanted the Alps to start yesterday.

But even so, 15th place in a stage of the Tour de France isn't ever shabby. Last place isn't shabby either. Van Hummel most certainly did not deserve this cheap shot.

One bit of exciting news today: Our former Lanterne Rouge from stages 1 and 2, Yauheni Hutarovich of FdJ, came over the line THIRD today immediately behind Mark Cavendish and Tyler Farrar! That's pretty elite company - well done indeed!!

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A bit dull, as you say. That should end tomorrow. As for Van Hummel, you're so right:

Stage 11: 192k, in 4:17:55; 44.67kph (27.68mph).

That's a little over 119 miles at better than 27 mph average. I cringe to think of it. Anyone who finishes is a superb athlete.
Yes, I can't imagine riding 119 miles in 4:17! Drafting or not!
Another perspective - the Hawaii Ironman cycling course (112 miles, non-drafting) record is 4:18:23.
Preview: Tour de France: Stage 12. by: Gerald Weinand. Thu Jul 16, 2009 at 00:00:00 AM EDT. With ten stages to go counting this 12th one, the race is now past the halfway point. Of course, the ride through the Alps awaits, but for now, ...
More here:Tour de France: Stage 12-video
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