Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Wim

Lovely tribute to 3-time Tour de France Lanterne Rouge Wim Vansevenant here.

(A pleasant contrast to this ugly bit of snarkiness).


Quote of the day

"... if I had to change one thing, it would be that the riders played a part in the decision-making. I wish they had some sort of position within the sport where their voice was truly heard. Right now, the riders are, more or less, pawns and told what to do. They need to stand up and have one united voice."

-- Tyler Hamilton, December 2009 Pez Cycling News


Monday, December 21, 2009

Greatest cyclist of all time?

That argument has finally been settled once and for all, here.

It's Eddy Mercx, btw, if you're too lazy to click through. That Lance guy is 8th.

I mention it here, though, because the list very appropriately includes 3-time Tour de France Lanterne Rouge Wim Vansevenant.

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