Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dietary advice from the peleton

On the Team Milram site, sprinter Erik Zabel offers his nutritional advice, which cracked me up. (Milram is a German company that apparently markets dairy products. Like, uh, yogurt.)

Cycling keeps you fit and slim – what foods can help with that?

[Way to suck up to the sponsor, Erik! It's not cycling a billion miles per year that keeps your weight down, nor eating the number of calories you burn, nor good genetics, it's EATING YOGURT!]

What would you advise recreational cyclists in terms of diet and keeping fit?
A basic rule which I have stuck to for years now is: if you ride a lot of kilometres a day you can eat a lot too. If you don’t ride much, you should watch what you eat. If you don’t cycle at all, you are better off going to bed hungry.

[Heh. Take that, all you non-cyclists! STARVE!]

ROFLOL... starve. heh, heh.
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