Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fun with Tour spectators

At the foot of the Cauberg climb yesterday, France's Sandy Casar got entangled with a drunken spectator and got taken down.

"It's crazy", Casar said. "Everything was going smoothly and then suddenly, bang, I was thrown off of my bike and sent into a black hole."

The spectator then got into an argument with the Francaise des Jeux race manager Marc Madiot, while others allegedly tried to steal the Frenchman's wheels.

"There was this guy in a group who was dead drunk on the side of the road," said Madiot. "After he got knocked down, the guy started making fun of him because he had fallen."

Casar finished 137th in Stage 3. However, he was credited with the time of the first group (five seconds behind winner Kessler), and therefore is just 39 seconds behind the leader in the overal standings.

Idiots. Everybody knows if you steal wheels, you ought to go for the time trial bike wheels instead.

What a madhouse!
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