Sunday, July 02, 2006

Jimmy Caspar wins Stage 1 of the 2006 Tour!

Two-time Lanterne Rouge (2001 and 2004) of the Tour de France, Jimmy Caspar, won today's Stage 1 of the 2006 Tour! He is a veteran French rider on the Cofidis team. Bravo, Jimmy! How terrific for him! He seemed to have a great attitude about his position in the peleton when he was in last place (unlike some of the Tour officials). I hope the Tour officials remember and give him all the respect and accolades he deserves for riding to victory today.

Jimmy credited his diet with his improved performance. I know the feeling, Jimmy!

Danilo Di Luca, an Italian rider on the Liquidgas team, became the new Lanterne Rouge, finishing last today alone with a time gap of 2:29 behind the stage winner, and a cumulative time gap of 3:13 behind the Tour leader in the overall standings. This is his sixth appearance in the Tour de France. In 2005 he won the Amstel Gold race.

According to Eurosport, Di Luca is suffering from a urinary infection. Let's hope he bounces back from it quickly and is able to continue in the race.

Di Luca has the slickest website that I've yet seen for a cyclist!

Rubén Lobato, the Lanterne Rouge in the Prologue, has moved up to 171st place. The man who placed just ahead of him yesterday, Fabian Wegmann, was wearing some bandages en route today, perhaps the result of a crash?

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