Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Stage 9: The last quiet stage

No one abandoned today, and there were no big upsets. That's the main news.

Jimmy Engoulvent, a French rider for Credit Agricole, appeared to be ill and was dropped by the peleton and riding alone towards the end of the stage.

Then there was a crash of 4 riders just 12 km from the finish line that held up a few arrivals at the finish line. Daniele Righi, the Italian Lampre rider, was one of those, and he arrived at the finish line along with Engoulvent in the final two places, 7:52 behind the leaders.

Sébastien Joly arrived at the finish line just ahead of those two, losing another 6:05 for the day, which keeps him even more firmly in the Lanterne Rouge position. He's now about 7 1/2 minutes behind all the other riders at 49:30 total time gap. He may be soon replaced, however, when some riders fall off the back of the autobus in the steep Pyrenees stages.

Check out Fat Cyclist's (fake) news regarding stage 9: http://fatcyclist.spaces.msn.com/PersonalSpace.aspx
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