Sunday, July 23, 2006

A triumph!

Samuel Abt did a wonderful piece about Jimmy Casper pushing himself to the limit in the individual time trial to avoid being the Lanterne Rouge again this year for the third time. I'm happy to report that Wim Vansevenant seems to respect the title, as he should. He finished the Tour de France!

Thanks to Tour de France 2006 Blog for the link!

Good article!

Is it just me, or did the peleton seem more.. gracious somehow this year? My impression was that riders were far more complimentary and respectful of each other than in years past. And Landis came across as such a gracious winner. It was very refreshing.

I will say that Paul & Phil need to practice in the off-season as having to talk about someone other than Lance seemed very confusing for them - they kept confusing riders and messing up names all the time!

Anyone know what song they were using as background music in OLN? Loved it!
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