Friday, February 23, 2007

Amgen Tour of California website

When it's working, it's pretty darned amazing. I sure hope they have this working for Le Tour next July! Here are a couple screen shots of Levi Leipheimer during his phenomenal winning individual time trial. Looks like the one above caught his leg in 2 positions, which isn't too surprising since I think the full-frame rate is probably 30 Hz and he was doing at least three pedal revolutions per full frame. It's not apparent when you watch, though some of the pixelated images are a bit jaggy.

The bottom photo shows his Floyd-esque "Praying Landis" time trial position. I'll bet the kindly race officials in California didn't make him alter it at the last second like they did to Floyd last year. I forgot to trim all the extraneous computer garbage off from around the edges, but it gives the actual effect of how it was displayed on my screen.

Saturday update: Unfortunately, the Amgen feed (other than frequently-breaking-up audio and some GPS tracking maps) didn't seem to be coming through to my computer for the first 90 minutes of coverage today. Finally I gave up and turned it off. The TV coverage will begin in less than 2 hours, and I'll just wait for that.

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