Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dog meets bike

Here's the photo sequence of a very nice yellow Lab having an unfortunate encounter with t-Mobile rider Marcus Burghardt's front wheel. Notice what the front wheel looks like in the third photo. Hope the dog was okay!! (According to Reuters he was okay, but there are rumors spreading that T-Mobile is jinxed.)

Bad owners!! Bad owners!

*Insert obligatory drug-testing Lab joke here*
*make that a FRENCH Lab*

Thanks to Andrew for the link!
Update: It's true. T-Mobile is jinxed. How else to account for a positive drug test from a month ago on Sinkewitz right after he crashed out of the Tour? Must have been another one of those French Labs involved. (And yes, in case you're wondering, Sinkewitz signed The Pledge).

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I'm so upset with this dog's owners!! How could they let him wander onto the course?? And further how did Tour officials not intervene? Still glad to hear the dog is okay.
Je pense que c’est courageux car même si je suis ravi de regarder le Tour, il faut que ça redevienne un spectacle, une fête. Hors les médias, en particulier la télé, sont le sixième pouvoir : les coureurs deviennent des stars par le biais des médias. D’autre part, il faut également que moins d’argent soit distribué aux sportifs. Avant tout, le sport c’est un jeu, un loisir : “Un esprit sain dans un corps sain”. Stop aux tricheurs.
Plus d'infos : www.ninou.fr/archives/44
Thanks for stopping by, nils. Even though I joke about it, I'm strongly anti-doping.
Sinkewitz was busted on the 8th of june. This is before he signed the plegde. So i wonder if the UCI can make him to stick to his pledge. More work for lawyers!
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