Sunday, July 15, 2007

The medical report for Stage 8

Whew! Is anyone left to start on Tuesday?

(Note: this information isn't easy to find online, though it is probably available to members of the press on site - does anyone know of a place online where they are posted routinely?)

O'Grady (CSC), crash on descent off Cormet de Roseland: punctured lung that immediately required draining, hairline fractures in three dorsal vertebra, five fractured ribs, fractured shoulderblade, sprained shoulder, transferred to hospital in Chambéry for observation
Sinkewitz (T-Mobile), crash with fan after stage descending to team hotel - facial traumatism, fractured nose, transported by helicopter to hospital in Chambéry, fan suffered facial injuries, also airlifted to Chambéry
Rogers (T-Mobile), crash on Roselend descent, traumatism to right shoulder, other superficial cuts, abandon
Scholz (Gerolsteiner), cut to right hand
Parra (Cofidis), abandoned due to digestive problems
Arroyo (Caisse d'Epargne), crash on descent off Cormet de Roselend, cuts to left hand
Niermann (Rabobank), crash on descent off Cormet de Roseland, multiple cuts and scrapes, requiring three stitches to the left elbow
Weglius (Liquigas), crash on descent off Cormet de Roseland, minor cuts and scrapes, headache
Righi (Lampre), digestive troubles
Bruseghin (Lampre), digestive troubles
Nuyens (Cofidis), abdominal pains
Cuesta (CSC), crash at 140km, multiple cuts to right elbow
Turpin (Ag2r) and Napolitano (Lampre), nosebleeds at finish line
Millar (Saunier Duval), allergy to sun


I have no idea where to get this info except at at your great site. Thank you for all the hard work and a different, and interesting perspective, on what is turning out, for me at least, to be a great, great Tour.
Thank you! It's certainly been unpredictable!!! Thanks for stopping by!
Good grief, that truly is carnage. I missed todays stage but I will look out for highlights later.
What's with all the digestive complaints? Sounds a bit peculiar to me.
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