Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Maggie in argyle

It looks like Slipstream has indeed grabbed another one of my favorite riders, Swedish national road race champion and former Lanterne Rouge: Magnus Backstedt.


I don't blame him, after being left off the 2007 Tour roster by Credit Agricole Liquigas.

Clydesdales wearing argyle and riding Felts. Ahhh, life is good. :-)


maggie is riding for liquigas not for credit agricole :-)
DUH!! Thank you for the correction!! I just did that from memory, and obviously I was thinking of the wrong year!!
I assume next year's shirt will change because of the team being renamed: The Chipotle team.
I wish they'd leave the Argyle to the golfers, but then again a male cycling team dressed in all pink as always amazed me, also. Slipstream is the team completely anti-doping, correct?

Loved the post a couple back about the small odds of actually being tested at Le Tour. Wow. Those stats are crazy!
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