Monday, July 30, 2007

Make that 140 finishers in 2007

I guess they'll be scratching out Iban Mayo's name too.

189 starters, 140 finishers, and 19 departures due to doping allegations?

I wonder if they delayed the announcement of the positive result until after the finish so that Saunier Duval-Prodir wouldn't have to pull out of the Tour? It comes from a sample collected on the rest day, July 24th. I can't believe that anyone was working at the drug lab over the weekend and just finished up the analysis on Sunday. This must have been known by racing officials on Friday afternoon at the latest.

Saunier-Duval Prodir finished in 16th (Mayo) and 20th positions in the GC; 8th (Cobo Acebo), 12th (De La Fuente), and 13th place (Mayo) in the King of the Mountains competition; 21st place in the green jersey competition (Millar), and 6th place in the team competition.

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We're all getting a little paranoid, aren't we? I started seeing Mayo news at what would be late afternoon euro-time, plenty of time for the lab to have put in several hours of work on a Monday. Additionally, they announced today that it would take another 5 days before we would know the results of the final Tour tests. July 24th plus 5 days = July 29th so the results are available the next working day, July 30th. Makes sense to me.

Plus, do you really think that leaky lab could keep a doping secret over the weekend?
Good point about the leaky lab!

I was more wondering if that was the indirect source of the earlier rumors about Soler and his team that turned out to be false, and prompted by the mis-identification of a team car as a police car.
138 more disqualifications and Wim will be the first Lanterne Rouge/Maillot Jaune winner.
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