Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rolling into Stage 4

The Giro has their first summit finish today. Yesterday was a busy day as well. I've been twittering about the Lanternes Rouges and the DNFs, please check over there for breaking news!

Unfortunately ChristianVDV (Christian Vande Velde) crashed out of the Giro during stage 3. Garmin-Slipstream reported that he had two broken ribs and a severe contusion and sprain to his mid-back. Today, directly from him: "I body slammed my self something awful, but as always, i couldve been worse."

The Giro peloton is now 196 (down from 198 starters). That's still a big bunch o' bikes out on the roads. Just think, if they ride with 8 riders abreast, that's still 24 rows of bikes. One little wobbly wheel at the front can become a massive debacle toward the back.

Milram's Matthias Russ, Stage 2 DNF, broke his clavicle (cycling's fashionable injury) and has surgery scheduled today in Germany. Bart Dockx, a Belgian rider for Silence-Lotto, became Giro Lanterne Rouge in Stage 3 (at 18:29 back from the leader). A mass pileup at ~10 km from finish shook up the standings as much as the next few mountaintop finishes will.

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