Monday, July 20, 2009

Old guys in the peloton

Sorry, guys, age is no excuse! Over 8% of the peloton is age 35 or older:

Levi Leipheimer 35
Stuart O'Grady 35
Marzio Bruseghin 35
Steven de Jongh 35
Matteo Tosatto 35
Joan Horrach 35
Peter Wrolich 35
George Hincapie 36
Bingen Fernandez 36
Jens Voigt 37
Lance Armstrong 37
José Luis Arrieta 38
Christophe Moreau 38
Stéphane Goubert 39
Iñigo Cuesta 40

Kenny has apparently crashed & is off to hospital.
Thank you - yes, follow real-time Lanterne Rouge updates on Twitter, where I post as TdFLanterne.

Yauheni Hutarovich is now provisional Lanterne Rouge on the road.

Will update blog soon!
like hearing that some of these guys are over 35!

I always think it's funny that so many have retired by the time I'm just starting out...but I had other stuff to do first. ;-)
I thought Goubert is the oldest in the peloton this year, at least that's what the commentators had been saying on Versus.
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