Monday, July 09, 2007

Stage 2: First major pileup of the Tour

Since the colossal pileup of riders occurred in the last 3 km of the course, everyone in the entire peleton was awarded the same finish time today, and there were no stragglers. The standings for the Lanterne Rouge are the same as yesterday. Aleksandr Kuschynski, the Liquigas rider from Belarus, remains Lanterne Rouge.

Photo of Kuschynski at left is from yesterday's breakaway, taken from theladsweekend's at Flickr. (Inspired by TdFBlog).

That crash affected a lot of riders and caused numerous injuries, and will likely result in a few DNSs tomorrow morning. As always, TDFBlog is right on top of the situation.

Gert Steegmans, today's Belgian stage winner for Quickstep-Innergetic, finished the 2006 Tour de France in the third from last position, 137th place out of 139 finishers. Yet more evidence that position in the general classification of the Tour is no indication of the quality nor talent of the cyclist. They're all incredible athletes. You never know, we could see Kuschynski winning a stage some day, too.

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There are truly incredible athletes and it is so very good to see the race, once again, underway where we can watch with awe and hope that the periferial issues that clog the news will fade away into obscurity through a lack of proven guilt.
Is lanterne rouge a GC thing, or is there a daily lanterne rouge?
Well, the ultimate last place on the final day of the tour is the overall Lanterne Rouge, but I keep track of all the dropouts and the final places in the General Classification along the way. Otherwise there wouldn't be much to blog about. :-)
Thanks for using my photo. Glad you liked it.

Thank YOU! That's by far the best photo I've seen of him!!!!
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