Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lanterne Rouge is one tough guy

Andrey Amador of Movistar was the final official finisher inside the time limit in Stage 14 of the 2011 France, keeping his hold on the Lanterne Rouge.

He'll hang on a while longer. He's tough as nails.

Last December while training at home in Costa Rica, he was beaten so severely by thugs who stole his bike that he laid in a ditch unconscious for 6 hours. He sustained kidney and lung damage from the attack.

In April he broke his collarbone, which kept him out of the Giro.

On Stage 1 of his first Tour he sprained his ankle badly.

On the brighter side, he's not only the first Costa Rican to ride in the Tour de France, he's the first rider from any Central American nation.

He's been honored in his home country with his image on a postal stamp.

I have a hunch he will hang on a while longer. Best wishes to him! Note he's also the first Tour de France Lanterne Rouge who is active on Twitter @Andrey_Amador. Give him a shout of encouragement, he appreciates it!


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