Friday, July 22, 2005

Bad attitude boy

Last year, everybody loved little Tommy Voeckler, the French rider for Buoygues telecom, and the incredible spirit he showed in defending the yellow jersey.

This year, he sounds like a spoiled brat:
"I'm extremely disappointed. I finished sixth [in stage 18]. That amounts to nothing. There's only one winner.... For three weeks I have been giving it my all, and three times I have been in the right breakaway, but now, it's over. The Tour is finished for me. I can't try it all again tomorrow, I'm not a machine. I'll never win."

I guess we're all getting a little tired and cranky, aren't we!?

Sheesh... I liked the guy last year when I proudly wore the yellow for all those days. But this sure paints a different picture of the guy than I previously had in my mind.
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