Monday, July 24, 2006

2006 team standings

Even the team standings ended with a few surprises in 2006! The five teams who were on the road the longest in this Tour were:

16 AGRITUBEL 4h 45' 38"
17 FRANCAISE DES JEUX 5h 36' 05"
18 LIQUIGAS 6h 39' 10"
19 TEAM MILRAM 6h 40' 46"

Everybody seemed to think that Agritubel was a mercy slot, but they beat some long-established teams - in time on the road. Good for them!

The Quickstep boys ended as the Lanterne Rouge team in the overall standings. Their starting lineup was:
101 - BOONEN Tom BEL
102 - CRETSKENS Wilfried BEL
103 - DE JONGH Steven NED
104 - GARATE Juan Manuel ESP
105 - POZZATO Filippo ITA
106 - RUJANO José VEN
107 - TANKINK Bram NED
108 - TOSATTO Matteo ITA
109 - VASSEUR Cédric FRA

It's hard to do well when 44% of your team doesn't finish the game, though! Even Tom Boonen, their team leader, has only finished one Tour (120th in 2004).
Cretskens - abandoned Stage 11
Boonen - abandoned Stage 15
De Jonge - abandoned Stage 16
Rujano - abandoned Stage 17

However, Agritubel was indeed on the bottom in earnings (which are decided by such things as sprint points and finish positions, I believe). Pez says: "Phonak was the biggest earner in the 2006 Tour de France with just under 500,000 Euros: 496,280. 2nd? Caisse-D'Epargne with less than half that: 236,330. Agritubel rounded out the teams in dead last with 15,200."

Thanks for doing this website. Watching the Tour is more fun when you are following it with "friends"! :-)
Thanks for following along and adding your informative comments, neca! I still have some finishing-up to do before we go on hiatus for the other 11 months of the year....
diggin' your blog!

best of luck in your endeavours!

peace out, yo!
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