Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Brochard's withdrawal

Trying to find out the reason for Laurent Brochard's withdrawal before the first mountain stage today, I found this on the Bouygues Telecom cycling website in French, which I translated into really, really bad English on Babelfish. For whatever it's worth:

"This 11th stage will be done for Bouygues Telecom without Laurent Brochard. The Resident of Sarthe did not take the departure with Cambo-the-Baths. "Laurent recovered well (of its slipped disc), explains Christian. But it had a small problem with an which incarnated nail which made it pedal through. Ca disturbed it on the level of its back and taking into account its preceding problems... One is really unhappy for him." Turquoises will not be thus any more that eight to align itself at the beginning Thursday morning of the first stage whose arrival is judged at the top."

I assume that "Turquoises" is the team nickname, appropriately based on their uniform. Do you think this means he has a painful back and an ingrown toenail? I truly have no idea. Are those symptoms of early-onset mountain fever?

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