Monday, July 03, 2006

Di Luca abandons

After an uncomfortable day yesterday, finishing Stage 1 as Lanterne Rouge, Danilo Di Luca became the first non-starter of the 2006 Tour de France. He is the leader of the Liquigas-Bianchi team.

We will have a new Lanterne Rouge tonight. Details later.

Update on Di Luca's withdrawal: "The manager of Di Luca's Liquigas team, Amadio Roberto, said the rider had spent an agonizing night with a prostate problem, his fever rising to more than 102 degrees. A dose of strong antibiotics wasn't enough, and in Saturday's prologue "he was just dead," Roberto said. "He was just no longer in any condition to ride." The rider was frustrated, but still kept his morale high as he headed home to Italy, Roberto added."

Woohoo...I just remembered that you did this last year. Glad I found this again. Always interesting! Thanks for digging all of this up...
i'm afraid i didn't know what a lanterne rouge was until today. my husband found this link for me and after reading the intro statement it all made sense. Is this your old club from Arlington?
Anyway, although you have a brief definition at the top of your page, it didn't make sense until i read their page. And suddenly, I'm like OHHHHH! that sound's awesome, just like Nancy....
Anyway, glad you've got this page going. And glad I finally understand what it's all about!
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