Friday, July 14, 2006

Stage 12: Bastille Day

I'm sure everyone (except maybe the Disco boys) are heaving a sigh of relief that yesterday's monster stage is over. There have been no new abandonments overnight. I haven't heard of too many crashes from yesterday's stage, except for the unfortunate crash with a spectator that Paolo Salvoldelli had after the stage was over!

In the absence of broken bones, sprains, and massive contusions, the riders can cope with tired backs and fatigued legs. That's their job, and they do it well.

Today stage is rolling, with an early Category 2 climb and three Category 4 climbs, then a long road to Carcassonne for a sprinter's finish.

ACK! I spoke too soon, and jinxed them all! Isaac Galvez, a Spaniard riding for Caisse d'Epargne-Illes-Balears has abandoned about a half-hour into today's ride. There have been a couple of small crashes in the peleton, but I don't know if he was involved.

Sébastien Joly, our former Lanterne Rouge, attacked briefly for a solo escape early on Bastille Day, as Frenchmen like to do, but he was caught within ten minutes.

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