Friday, July 07, 2006

Stage 6 nonstarter

Fabio Sacchi, Italian rider and one of the Lactose Lads of Team Milram, did not make the start this morning in Lisieux. He's a 2-time veteran of the Tour and was in 46th position in the General Classification. He's one of the leadout men for Erik Zabel.

Why did he abandon? One might speculate that over six days of hard riding by now he's incurred some massive chafing from those gold chains.

Actually, according to CyclingNews, he has bronchitis.

It's still too early for mountain fever to strike the peleton. That will come, though. It seems to selectively affect sprinters and larger-bodied endurance riders with marginal climbing ability. Look for the epidemic to begin on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

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