Monday, February 26, 2007

Hell on Wheels

However did I miss this film for so long? It's FANTASTIC.

Required viewing for any fan of professional cycling - it gives the whole backstage saga from the inside of the T-mobile bus in the '03 Tour, the year Jan Ullrich took his sabbatical with Bianchi. The year Tyler broke his collarbone. The year Lance rode across that field.

Here's their lineup that year:
21 - BOTERO Santiago COL
22 - AERTS Mario BEL
23 - ALDAG Rolf GER
24 - GUERINI Giuseppe ITA
25 - KESSLER Matthias GER
26 - KLÖDEN Andréas GER
27 - NARDELLO Daniele ITA
28 - VINOKOUROV Alexandre KAZ
29 - ZABEL Erik GER

I can't get enough Zabel. He's amazing.

Available for rental from Netflix, if you're a member.

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