Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Thanks to sharp-eyed reader Karen, who found this photo on Graham Watson's site of the men who were first and last in the 2009 Tour de France general classification. Note the red towel stuck in Hutarovich's helmet signifying the Lanterne Rouge. I thought for a moment he was carrying an electric lantern too but that's a motorcycle headlight showing under his arm.

Also study the physiques of these two riders in close to the same position and it becomes abundantly clear why the Lanternes Rouges in the grand tours are most often sprinters: they simply have much more body mass to drag up those mountains. Hutarovich's powerful sprinter's thigh muscles are nearly twice the size of Contador's!

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Very cool.

Note that Hutarovich's fifth on the final stage was within an unbelievably brutal final 1000 meters with the HTC chain leading out so strong they took 1st and 2nd. Factor in Thor and Tyler amongst them and that fifth is a remarkable achievement. In fact, it makes the case of the trademark slogan of your blog. Very few could have hung on his wheel. Last in the TdF does not equal slow.

Thanks, very well said! I wasn't able to see the final stage but I'll bet Hutarovich was also on his own without any teammates up there in front with him.

At those accelerations most of us couldn't hang on his wheel for 3 seconds!!
Here's a cartoon about the Tour de France!

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