Saturday, July 23, 2005

2005 Tour speed record

"This year's Tour de France is expected to go down in the record books as the fastest ever."

"Going into Saturday's penultimate stage, the average speed over the three weeks was 41.69 kilometers (25.91 miles) per hour. That compares to the record 40.94 kph (25.44 mph) set in 2003, when Lance Armstrong won his fifth consecutive Tour."

That's an *average* speed of 25.9 miles per hour, pedaling a bicycle over some incredibly daunting terrain including the Alps and the Pyrenees mountains, for 2118 miles (3408 km) in 19 days of riding.

Half the time, they rode even faster than that.

As of this morning, they still had 124 miles (199 km) to go.

Can anyone rightfully say that any rider who completes the Tour isn't a phenomenal athlete in his own right?

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