Sunday, July 24, 2005

Stage 21: It's official

Everyone in the peloton got the same finish time today on the Champs Elysees, so the time gap results and rankings from yesterday remain in place today (aside from the sprinting time bonuses which allowed Vinokourov to finish in fifth place overall).

So our final five finishers in the 2005 Tour de France remain:

151st place, #162 Robert Forster, Gerosteiner rider from Germany: 4h 01' 40"

152nd place, #34 Daniel Becke, Illes Balears rider from Germany: 4h 02' 16"

153rd place, #127 Janeck Tombak, Cofidis rider from Estonia: 4h 03' 09"

154th place, #49 Wim Vansevenant, Davitamon-Lotto rider from Belgium: 4h 09' 25"

Finishing in the Lanterne Rouge position for the 2005 Tour de France: 155th place finisher out of 189 starters, #194 Iker Flores, Euskaltel-Euskadi rider from Spain: 4h 20' 24"

Congratulations to you all for finishing an extraordinarily tough event, including former Lanterne Rouge Leonardo Piepoli (23rd place overall).

Special congratulations to Iker Flores. Let's hope that those crazy Basque cycling fans (the bane of Tour organizer Jean-Marie LeBlanc) give you and the team a well-earned celebration when you return home to Spain.

Thanks for the link to the article re the Basque fans. I know the founder considered cacelling in the Tour due to "fan excess" way back in '05 or '06.

You have found a lot of great articles - i'ts been entertaining and fun.

Thanks for the blog!
Thanks for coming by! I hope to be around for another round next year!
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