Sunday, July 24, 2005

2005 Tour Earnings

Euskaltel-Euskadi, the team of our Lanterne Rouge Iker Flores, earned a total of 9,310 euros (~US$11,172) for their participation in the 2005 Tour de France, the lowest earnings of the 21 teams. For the eight riders who made it through the Tour, that's 0.32 euro/km (62 cents/mile per rider).

The next lowest amount was earned by Saunier Duval, bringing home 12,070 euros (~$14,484). Six finishers, 0.55 euro/km ($1.07/mile per rider).

The highest: Discovery Channel - 545,640 euros (~$658,639). Eight finishers, 18.90 euro/km ($36.73/mile per rider), but traditionally the overall winner declines his 400,000 euro share and distributes it to his supporting teammates.

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